About CAPA - Centre for Aviation

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, part of the Aviation Week Network within Informa Markets, is one of the world’s most trusted sources of market intelligence for the aviation and travel industry. Our unrivalled reputation for independence and integrity means you get the whole story, with powerful data and in-depth insights on the news, issues and trends that are shaping our industry.

Since its establishment in 1990 CAPA has developed a formidable global network of aviation researchers and analysts located across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. We provide 8000+ Members with access to more than 1,000 News Briefs each week, as well as Analysis Reports, Research Publications and a comprehensive Data Centre with extensive company profiles, airline, and airport databases, and more.

CAPA Summits are hosted in key markets around the world. Attracting the highest calibre of speakers and held within salubrious settings, each Summit has become an unmissable event for leading aviation thinkers, strategists and corporate travel managers. Delegates are provided with unprecedented access to the latest data, insights, and trends from our global team, in addition to valuable networking opportunities with executives across all sectors of the aviation and travel industry.

In addition to global summits, CAPA also captures insights straight from the source on CAPA TV. These provide airline CEOs and senior executives with an appreciation of the latest trends, challenges and changes facing the industry.

Throughout the most unpredictable and challenging times, CAPA remains committed to providing CAPA Members with the most comprehensive news, analysis and data to help them stay ahead of the competition.