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US FAA reported (19-Apr-2019) experts from nine civil aviation authorities have confirmed they will participate in the Boeing 737 MAX Joint Authorities Technical Review (JATR), established by the FAA earlier in Apr-2019. The JATR team will conduct a comprehensive review of the certification of the aircraft's automated flight control system. The team is scheduled to first meet on 29-Apr-2019 and its work is expected to take 90 days. Confirmed participants include:

Vietnam Airlines announced (19-Apr-2019) the following objectives for 2Q2019:

  • 10 A321neos will be put into service;
  • Delivery of first Boeing 787-10 as part of widebody fleet development programme;
  • List HVN shares listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange. [more - original PR]

Vietnam Airlines Group reported (19-Apr-2019) the following consolidated group financial highlights for 2018:

  • Revenue: VND26,000 billion (USD1118 million), +4.3% year-on-year;
    • Vietnam Airlines: VND19,340 billion (USD831.6 million), +5.5%;
  • Profit before tax: VND1500 billion (USD64.5 million), +45%;
    • Vietnam Airlines: VND1200 billion (USD51.6 million), +36.6%;
  • Passengers: 5.4 million, +2.5%;
  • Number of flights: 33,500, +2%;
  • On time performance rate: 90%;
  • Domestic market share: 52%;
  • Number of employees: 6468, +7%. [more - original PR]

*Based on the average conversion rate at VND1 = USD0.000043

Boeing president, chairman and CEO Dennis A Muilenburg, via the company's official Twitter account, reported (17-Apr-2019) the company has completed 120 737 MAX test flights totalling 203 hours with the updated Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) software onboard the aircraft. Mr Muilenburg also reported Boeing has completed the official engineering flight test, which was the final test flight prior needed prior to the certification test flight. Software in its final form is now operating as designed in a range of flight conditions accord to Mr Muilenburg. In addition, more than 85% of MAX customers and operators have experienced the new MCAS software through a series of simulator sessions.

IdeaWorks Company and CarTrawler estimated (19-Apr-2019) airlines generated USD64.8 billion in a la carte ancillaries revenue in 2018, based on a list of 175 large airlines. A la carte activity consists of the amenities consumers can add to their air travel experience. These include fees paid for checked baggage, assigned seats, buy-on-board meals, early boarding, and onboard entertainment. Revenue estimates by region:

SpiceJet announced (18-Apr-2019) plans to acquire six Boeing 737-800 aircraft under dry lease, in addition to the 16 737s announced earlier in Apr-2019. The LCC applied to India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation for approval to import the aircraft and aims to add the 737s to its fleet within the next 10 days. SpiceJet's MD and chairman Ajay Singh stated: "We are taking all possible proactive measures to deal with the sudden reduction of aviation capacity in the Indian market". [more - original PR]

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport reported (18-Apr-2019) the following traffic highlights for Mar-2019:

United Airlines EVP and CFO Gerald Laderman reported (17-Apr-2019) the airline expects the following results for 2Q2019 and FY2019:

  • 2Q2019:
    • Capacity: +3.5% to +4.5%;
    • CASM Ex: Flat to +1%;
    • Fuel price: USD2.13 to USD2.23;
    • Adjusted pre tax margin: +11% to +13%;
  • FY2019:
    • Capacity: +4% to +5%;
    • CASM Ex: Flat;
    • Adjusted diluted earnings per share: USD10 to USD12;
    • Adjusted CapEx: USD4.7 billion. [more - original PR]

Brazil ANAC stated (17-Apr-2019) Avianca Brazil will return eight additional aircraft to lessors in the near future, commencing 22-Apr-2019. The airline will return seven aircraft to GECAS and one aircraft to PK AirFinance. [more - original PR - Portuguese]

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH reported (17-Apr-2019) the following traffic highlights:

  • Mar-2019:
    • Passengers: 2.9 million, +11.8% year-on-year;
      • Berlin Tegel: 2.0 million, +25.1%;
      • Berlin Schönefeld: 965,580, -8.1%;
    • Cargo: 2787 tonnes;
      • Berlin Tegel: 1708 tonnes;
      • Berlin Schönefeld: 1079 tonnes;
    • Aircraft movements: 24,253;
      • Berlin Tegel: 16,142;
      • Berlin Schönefeld: 8111;
  • Three months ended Mar-2019:
    • Passengers: 7.9 million;
      • Berlin Tegel: 5.3 million;
      • Berlin Schönefeld: 2.6 million;
    • Cargo: 7911 tonnes;
      • Berlin Tegel: 4777 tonnes;
      • Berlin Schönefeld: 3134 tonnes;
    • Aircraft movements: 68,611;

AirAsia Group announced (17-Apr-2019) its wholly owned subsidiary AirAsia Investment, Gumin Company and Hai Au Aviation amicably agreed to terminate and release each other from all obligations under the transaction agreements in relation to their proposed JV in Vietnam, effective 17-Apr-2019. AirAsia Group stated it remains interested in operating a LCC in Vietnam due to the country's favourable geographical location, expanding aviation market and overall growth potential. [more - original PR]

AirAsia Group reported (17-Apr-2019) shareholders approved the disposal of 100% equity interest in its Merah Aviation entities to AS Air Lease Holdings 5T DAC, an entity indirectly controlled by Castlelake. As previously reported by CAPA, Merah Aviation Asset Holding comprises 25 aircraft to be leased to AirAsia. AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes, via his official Twitter account, commented: "Selling our aircraft monetises all our aircraft at high prices and avoids residual risk and allows us to return cash to shareholders and invest in our new digital business". [more - original PR]