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  • 12-May-2021
    • CAPA Live Welcome and big picture outlook

        14:00 - 14:10

        Besides connecting the global aviation industry via our conferences and virtual events, CAPA is also known for its powerful data and in-depth insights on the news, issues and trends that are shaping our industry.

        In this session, CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Managing Director, Derek Sadubin opens this month’s Summit with an in-depth look at the big picture issues impacting global aviation and travel around the world. 

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      • Executive Interview

          14:10 - 14:40
        • The future of tourism in Australasia

            14:45 - 15:15

            It is clear from CAPA’s exclusive Capacity Projection Tool that Australia continues to struggle with its lack of international capacity. However, it has seen an impressive rebound in domestic capacity since the latest COVID-19 outbreaks soon after Christmas 2020. Projections for the country are that international capacity will climb towards the end of 2021 with the opening of selected travel corridors, but a total reopening of Australian international routes isn’t likely for some time. Any international increases in capacity will be driven by the trans-Tasman travel bubble with New Zealand.

            New Zealand, much like Australia, eliminated COVID-19 early on, and once again, the benefits of this strategy are clear. New Zealand’s domestic capacity gained momentum in Jun-2020, after reaching record lows. Since then, the steady increase in capacity now means the country’s domestic market is near to 2019 levels. As in Australia, international capacity is likely going to take far longer to recover.

            However, in April-2021 the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a two-way travel bubble with Australia, scheduled to take effect from the 19-Apr-2021. In this important discussion, we look at the impact of COVID on tourism for the region and the industry.

          • Corporate Travel Community Welcome & Industry Survey Review

              15:20 - 15:35

              The global and regional outlook for corporate travel is extremely challenging. Hear the latest trends and analysis from our expert presenter.

              This session will also include an in-depth analysis of the most recent CTC Industry Survey, proudly brought to you by GBT.

            • CTC Masterclass - Herd immunity, vaccines and restarting local and global travel

                15:35 - 16:05

                The pandemic has changed the needs of Corporates and their travellers, both during and post pandemic. In this session we explore these changes and how TMC’s are meeting new expectations, and at what cost.

                As the pandemic timeframe continues to extend, the impact on the corporate customer is becoming more evident. As we have a clearer picture of the vaccine rollout globally:

                • How will the concept of Vaccine Passports work?
                • How will corporates get their younger travellers vaccinated if governments reserve vaccine supplies in the public health system and prioritise older and more vulnerable groups?
                •  Can the travel industry get moving again in 2021 under these scenarios?
                • Will / when might a private market appear for vaccinations, and a more cost effective and acceptable approach to testing?

                Some destination countries are suggesting they won’t re-open for visitors until 70% of their own population have been vaccinated, this may delay potential recovery in travel well into 4th Quarter 2021 for many countries.  We explore these points with our expert panel.

              • Listening to corporate travel buyers: Benson’s Bow Tie Briefing

                  16:05 - 16:20

                  Bow-Tie Briefing shares the views of Benson Tang, a corporate travel thought leader and executive director of the CTC – Corporate Travel Community. Benson’s remarkable career in travel started more than 25 years ago and his extensive knowledge of the corporate travel sector has made him a sought-after speaker and lecturer.

                  In this session, we welcome travel managers who will provide their thoughts on the industry and share knowledge on managing corporate programmes in the current environment.

                • CAPA News & Analysis - Asia Pacific

                    16:20 - 16:30
                  • Executive Interview

                      16:30 - 16:55
                    • Asia Aviation: Inspiring clear action for aviation growth

                        17:00 - 17:30
                      • Industry Survey Review with Collinson Group

                          17:35 - 17:50
                        • Smart Airport Terminals: Funding and building the airport infrastructure of the future in a post-Covid world

                            17:50 - 18:20
                          • Loyalty in the midst of a crisis  - Singapore Airlines

                              18:25 - 18:45
                            • For companies seeking megatrends of the global travel recovery, the China market may provide some food for thought

                                18:45 - 18:55

                                From bottoming out, to steady recovery, and then to robust growth - the curve of China’s tourism development since the pandemic is just like the country’s economic trajectory for the past decades. While a big part of the world is still struggling to control the spread of COVID-19, business in China is already taking a leading position in returning to normalcy.

                              • CAPA全球新闻及分析报告

                                  18:45 - 19:00



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                                • CAPA News & Analysis - Europe, Middle East & Africa

                                    19:00 - 19:10
                                  • IATA’s new DG Willie Walsh talks exclusively with CAPA

                                      19:10 - 19:40

                                      On 01-Apr-2020, ex-IAG CEO, Willie Walsh officially took on the role of Director General of IATA, succeeding Alexandre de Juniac.

                                      In a statement released to the industry, Mr Walsh said: “I am passionate about our industry and about the critical work that IATA does on behalf of its members, never more so than during the COVID-19 crisis. IATA has been at the forefront of efforts to restart global connectivity, including developing the IATA Travel Pass. Less visible but of equal importance, airlines continue to rely on IATA’s financial settlement systems, Timatic and other vital services to support their day-to-day operations. I am grateful to Alexandre for leaving behind a strong organization and a motivated team. Together, the IATA team is absolutely focused on restoring the freedom of movement that airlines provide to billions of people around the world. That means your freedom to visit friends and family, to meet critical business partners, to secure and retain vital contracts, and to explore our wonderful planet.”

                                      In this catch-up we explore Mr Walsh’s plans for the future of IATA, the IATA Travel Pass and delve into some of the key data points captured by the association.

                                    • European Aviation with Eurocontrol DG Eammon Brennan

                                        19:45 - 20:10

                                        Eurocontrol DG Eammon Brennan joins CAPA Live to explore the organisation's views of aviation in Europe and share a wide range of statistics and forecasts providing a complete picture of European aviation performance.  

                                      • Airline Risk Dashboard & Review - Europe

                                          20:10 - 20:40
                                        • Aviation Critical Thinkers - Leveraging technology in a pandemic Need to move to May and shift timing

                                            20:40 - 21:10
                                          • Airport Leaders Interview - Dubai Airports

                                              21:10 - 21:40

                                              The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt across the entire aviation ecosystem and while the airlines are receiving the most attention in the media, one cannot forget the impact on the airports and their supporting businesses. 

                                              Each month, CAPA Live’s airport discussion will move between regions as we delve into the issues facing airports around the world.  

                                              • What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on airports? 
                                              • What have airports learned so far that would better prepare them for another pandemic? 
                                              • Much is spoken and written about ‘the new normal’ for airports. What is it?

                                              In this month’s edition we catch up with Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths to understand the impact of COVID-19 on this global hub.

                                            • How will NDC continue the transformation of travel retail during 2021

                                                21:40 - 22:10
                                              • CAPA News & Analysis - Global

                                                  22:10 - 22:20
                                                • The enablers of recovery

                                                    22:20 - 22:25

                                                    The rebuilding of travel is reliant on the reopening of domestic and international air routes. How this recovery will look is still yet to be determined. In this CAPA Live Summit we take a clinical look across the spectrum at the “reconstruction” process, including: Vaccinations, Travel passes, Air Capacity, Borders & Government Restrictions.

                                                  • Progress of the Pandemic...Therapeutics, Vaccines and the Future

                                                      22:25 - 22:40

                                                      In this session, we bring back our essential wrap of the latest: COVID-19 trend data from reliable sources such as the WHO, CDC, Johns Hopkins University and more; Updates on progress of therapeutics and vaccines; and Related issues, such as safety/security measures being adopted by aviation/airports and industry leadership related to travel and business gatherings.

                                                    • Travel pass – The Commons Project: Simon

                                                        22:40 - 22:55
                                                      • CAPA Chairman’s Update: Aviation Market Outlook

                                                          22:55 - 23:20
                                                        • ForwardKeys – Insights & Global Outlook: What destinations are open?

                                                            23:20 - 23:35
                                                          • CAPA Chairman’s Lounge: Herd immunity, vaccines and restarting local and global travel

                                                              23:35 - 00:10

                                                              Closing off our “enablers of recovery” sessions, we bring together key industry experts to deliver a clinical look across the spectrum at the reconstruction process. Key questions include:

                                                              • What role will Governments play in recovery?
                                                              • How can the industry assist with ensuring safe and secure travel? 
                                                          • 13-May-2021
                                                            • The path to recovery

                                                                00:10 - 00:45

                                                                In this session, we look to the future and explore:

                                                                • The pandemic one year on: where is the airline industry headed and what lessons have we learned

                                                                • Technology, data and counsel: how the airline industry is dusting itself off and preparing for the rebound

                                                                • The path to recovery – partnerships and collaborations to help rebuild the airline industry

                                                              • The Appraisers Outlook: Ishka

                                                                  01:00 - 01:10

                                                                  Underpinned by an exceptional track record in aviation finance spanning several decades, Ishka delivers trusted, independent values data to evaluate risk and make informed decisions about buying, trading and managing aircraft assets. In this session, we look to Ishka to provide an overview of aircraft values and the industry at large.

                                                                • Air Lease Corporation, Executive Chairman, Steven Udvar-Hazy provides an update on the industry

                                                                    01:10 - 01:40

                                                                    Hosted by CAPA Chairman Emeritus Peter Harbison we welcome Air Lease Corporation, Executive Chairman, Steven Udvar-Hazy to CAPA Live, as they discuss a range of topics facing the leasing industry.

                                                                    • How is the aircraft leasing and trading performing?
                                                                    • How are aircraft values and lease rates affected by the crisis? Is the impact only short term, or will it endure?
                                                                    • Is the pandemic changing lessors' approach to investment and the relative importance of the operator versus the asset?
                                                                    • Will there be consolidation in the leasing sector?
                                                                    • Is it better being publicly listed or privately held during a downturn?
                                                                    • What are airlines typically looking for in terms of assistance? Is this continuing?
                                                                    • Can we expect airlines being able to repay the debt accumulated without waivers? 
                                                                  • Cargo demand & supply proves more important than ever before

                                                                      01:40 - 02:10

                                                                      Airlines have responded differently to the way that the pandemic has affected the demand for goods, to the changing nature of those goods, and the way that they are supplied. Several of them have risen to the challenge to a greater degree than others.

                                                                      Airports and airlines with a cargo contribution have seen volumes and revenues increasing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with some having as much as 50% of revenues coming from cargo. This vital sector has been put at the forefront of thinking for the entire aviation industry which has resulted in new investment and management.  

                                                                      • Will we see further airport development in favour of freight on the long-term or will this be considered a short-term phenomenon?
                                                                      • Could passenger infrastructure spend be substituted by cargo infrastructure?
                                                                      • What methods of automation and digitalisation can be introduced to alleviate the dependency on people by carriers and airports in the freight segment?
                                                                      • What can airports do to assist cargo operators in the way they organise the use of space?
                                                                      • What size of aircraft is going to be needed moving forward?
                                                                      • What are the realistic timeframes for delivering the vaccine across the world?
                                                                      • Have there been any problems with the roll out of the vaccine to date? 
                                                                    • Travel Tech Corner - start-up studio

                                                                        02:10 - 02:30
                                                                      • Advanced Air Mobility/UAM

                                                                          02:30 - 02:55
                                                                        • CAPA News & Analysis - Americas

                                                                            02:55 - 03:05

                                                                            Besides connecting the global aviation industry via our conferences and virtual events, CAPA is also known for its powerful data and in-depth insights on the news, issues and trends that are shaping our industry.

                                                                            In this session, we bring together the most important news of the month in our series of new CAPA News Bulletins designed to sift through the region's announcements, so you don’t have to. 

                                                                            Then you’ll be introduced to the people behind CAPA’s in-depth analysis articles – our very own CAPA Analysts as they provide their unique perspectives on their chosen region discussing trends and forecasting recovery.

                                                                            Want access to CAPA’s daily news briefs and analysis, visit centreforaviation.com and register your details?

                                                                          • Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle on US domestic market recovery

                                                                              03:05 - 03:40

                                                                              As more positive signs emerge from the US, Frontier Airlines’ CEO Barry Biffle will offer insight into the country’s domestic market recovery, and how ultra low cost and low cost airlines are positioned to emerge from the crisis as a major competitive force. He will also discuss creation network shifts occurring in the market, and how leisure demand could drive the rebound in traffic for the foreseeable future.

                                                                            • Americas Critical Thinkers - Leading an airline in 2021

                                                                                03:40 - 04:20

                                                                                It cannot be denied that leading any part of an airline in 2021 is going to look very different than ever before. The impact of COVID-19 has required all airlines to reassess their processes, innovate and adapt to a new world order.

                                                                                In November, CAPA’s Chairman Emeritus stated: “It is important to have some sort of reality check now that we’re nine months on from the onset of this COVID-19 disaster. Fundamentally, we’re looking at a new platform from which the industry will build over the next decade.

                                                                                What will the new situation be like? Most people realise now, unless they're really deluding themselves, that it is going to be a structurally very different industry”.

                                                                                As we look further into 2021, we ask key airline executives to explore how they will run their business differently and what they expect from the year ahead. 

                                                                                • How has COVID-19 impacted processes within airline management? 
                                                                                • How has the additional focus of staff and passenger safety changed the way airlines are run? 
                                                                                • What will recovery look like? 

                                                                              • CEO Interview: Canadian North

                                                                                  04:20 - 04:45

                                                                                  Canadian North, the regional Canadian airline based at Yellowknife Airport (Northwest Territories) and Iqaluit Airport (Nunavut) operates a network of services across Canada's far-northern provinces. The airline specialises in cargo and charter service, utilising a fleet of Boeing 737-200 Combi aircraft, as well as passenger-only Bombardier Dash 8 equipment.
                                                                                  In this discussion, we receive an update from CEO Chris Avery on the carrier, managing the airline during the pandemic and plans for the future.  

                                                                                • Caribbean Islands Panel

                                                                                    04:45 - 05:20

                                                                                    The panel will highlight the importance of partnership and collaboration between the industry and the Government to drive the travel and tourism and overall economic recovery for the Caribbean.

                                                                                  • Viva Air CEO provides a market update and expansion in a pandemic

                                                                                      05:20 - 05:50

                                                                                      CAPA Live December conference, Viva Air Group CEO Felix Antelo remarked Colombia’s ultra low cost operator, Viva Air Colombia, has assessed that the recovery in Colombia is on par with those markets that remained open, and the airline’s seat supply is bumping up against 2019 levels. 

                                                                                       After a slower start, conditions in Viva Air’s second market, Peru, are turning a corner, and the company feels positively about the recovery in that fast changing market. While the carrier’s goal in adding a third domestic market remains intact, and the company believes that ultra low cost operators will become much more competitive on international regional routes in Latin America. 

                                                                                      In this session, we welcome back Viva Air Group CEO Felix Antelo to CAPA Live for an update on how things are progressing in 2021.

                                                                                    • Summit Close

                                                                                        05:50 - 06:30